Safety Walk-In Bathtubs & Showers

ADA Compliant

Our showers and tub/shower units are designed to be ADA compliant. All made in the USA!…

Our Warranty

We offer a ten-year limited warranty on all commercial/institutional acrylic units…

Sales Reps

We have Sales Reps all around the USA. Just give us a call at 1.800.232.2284 to find one in your area…

Our Products

About Aqua Bath

Walk-In Bathtubs & Showers Designed With Your Safety in Mind

Aqua Bath has been a family owned and operated company since 1993. We specialize in a variety of specific needs walk-in bathtubs and showers for the healthcare industry, retirement/assisted living communities and individual home use. Between our sales staff, engineering department and supervisors, we have more than 150 years experience building acrylic tubs and

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The Benefits of Acrylic Over Gel-Coat Fiberglass

#1 One-Piece Construction:

Greater Rigidity

Lessens Pre-Installation Damage

Cuts Costly Maintenance

No Place for Mold to Form

#2 Non Porous:

Easy to Clean

Longer Life

More Resistant to Slippage

#3 Material:

Warm to The Touch

Color all the Way Through

Maintains Gloss

Chip Resistant

#4 Savings:

No Grout Cleaning

No Ceiling Repainting

No Cracking